January 3, 2014

This is the first year that I have ever joined in on the "pick a word for the year train". I am honestly not sure why I haven't before because it is such a lovely and sweet idea. I mentioned in my birthday post that I like to spend my birthday as a time of year to reflect back on all of the amazing blessings that the Lord has given me and look to the coming year, but I think that I almost needed the opportunity to have a "living symbol" of God's mercies being new every morning, and because of that looked forward to the "turn of the calendar" with anticipation. I think this also allowed me time to really think and pray about this coming year. As I spent more and more time with the Lord I felt that there were several "themes" that kept coming to mind but they could all be summed up by an over-arching word: 

Valor Definition:
(1) Courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery.
(2) boldness or determination in facing danger.
(3) a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without fear

All three definitions are what I want my life to be this coming year! As I move forward to fight for my health in new ways and to step out in many areas of my life I know that I need courage and boldness. As I lean on the Lord's strength to conquer the "unknowns" of what lies ahead with my health, life after graduate school, healing, relationships, etc. I can rest in the knowledge that His strength will give me boldness and determination to face the "dangerous unknown". And finally, I need this quality of spirit to face the pain of illness, the strength to believe in the impossible, and the lovely peace that comes from trusting a Sovereign God fully without fear. 
I just finished reading the book, "a light still shines" and like few other books have this has impressed upon my heart the impact of living with valor. Valor that touches the hearts of others for the glory of God. Sometimes valor means forgiving those that the world would deem "unforgivable". 
Sometimes valor is reaching out to someone who is hurting and putting down your own "rights" to that "deserved" attention. Sometimes valor is being courageous enough to do the impossible like the citizens of La Chambon (a World War II  French town that helped save approximately 5,000 Jews). 
No matter what 
the situations that arise in the coming year I want to live with valor.
Did y'all pick a "word" for this year? I would love to hear about it and what the significance is to you!! Have a lovely day friends!

**Thank you so much to my sweet sister Emily who took almost all of these pictures on a "sister weekend" trip to the beach two years ago**


  1. Love this idea, I haven't picked a word but I have enjoyed reading about others doing so. Always praying for you friend, love the photos, you look adorable!

  2. I love your word choice. It's so meaningful. I've been mulling over my one word since late last year and finally chose it on New Years Day. I will be sharing it on Monday. Thanks for sharing yours and being an encouragement.

  3. Mine this year is FREEDOM!....more soon, still thinking through it after it came...will post soon!