Thursday Health Thoughts: the importance of an amazing pharmacist

January 9, 2014

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Before I became seriously ill I had always admired and appreciated the kind and helpful pharmacists over the years that I have talked with and encountered. There were several times that I would call to ask general questions and these pharmacists would patiently help me by giving their time to answer questions. But several years ago I learned the importance of having an amazing pharmacist in your "circle" for everyone- not just those struggling with serious or chronic illnesses. 

For a variety of different reasons I made the decision to switch all of my prescriptions (that are not uniquely made in a compounding pharmacy) to Target Pharmacy. There are several different reasons that I chose Target Pharmacy
(One) A huge motivating factor was because since I live in two different states this allows me the ease and freedom of having prescriptions easily transferred. 

(Second) I loved the fact that no matter where I was at in the United States (or out at California for treatment) I could easily have my prescriptions accessible to me if I needed them. (As a side note - I found this incredibly helpful the other day as we traveled home from New York and heard that a snow storm was shutting down everything in the south to stop at a "random" Target in Virginia and have all of the prescriptions that I needed filled in case we were trapped in our homes! As a seriously ill person you can't let snow stop you! hahaha *smiles*) 

(Third) my personal experience with Target Pharmacists has been by far the BEST service that I have ever received from any other pharmacist. My local branch (in both states) knows not only my name, but is beyond friendly and courteous and patiently answers the thousands and thousands of questions that I have. They are an incredible blessing to me. 

(Fourth) because they have all of my prescriptions (and I have let them know the ones that are made at the compounding pharmacy) they can easily tell me if any new prescription - even over the counter ingredients (and my supplements)- will interact with my current prescriptions. This is SUCH a blessing as before I switched to Target I unfortunately spend the night in the ER due to another pharmacy not catching a drug interaction (despite the fact that I had asked). 

(Fifth), many (but not all) Target pharmacies offer the  "Pharmacy Reward Program". In this program after you purchase five prescriptions you receive a 5% coupon in the mail to Target. Now, this is not a lot but with money being so tight EVERY.SINGLE.PENNY. is a blessing and this definitely qualifies! 

(Sixth) the pharmacists at Target go above and beyond their job description by helping their customers. I can't tell you how many times I have had a doctors office say "we will call that in right now" only to arrive at the pharmacy hours later and the prescription has not been called in. Instead of making me re-call and deal with the doctors office (because seriously who wants to do that when you already feel yucky??) these pharmacists have gotten on the phone and helped me immediately. Before I switched to Target I can't tell you how many times I had to make the phone calls and the frustration and stress that caused. 

(Seventh), Target pharmacists are not only helpful but extremely knowledgeable and have taken the time to understand that I am not only dealing with chronic illness but that I am fighting Cancer and Lyme Disease. Their willingness to help me come up with solutions to have the least amount of side effects (so that I don't need countless other prescriptions) has been a blessing beyond words. 

Having an amazing and knowledgeable pharmacist on your team can benefit you in countless ways like the ones that I mentioned above. At the end of the day I can't stress enough the security and blessing it is to know that having a qualified pharmacist can bring to your health team! I would definitely recommend that you spend the time to research in your community the best pharmacist for you before you get sick! You won't regret the time to do so! *smiles*

p.s.- A HUGE thank you to the pharmacists that have truly touched and blessed my life these past few years! Thank you so much Ashley, Lori, Stephanie, and Jamie! You are SUCH a blessing in this journey!

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  1. Target pharmacy is absolutely amazing. My local one has the sweetest pharmacist ever, she always tells me to call if I have any questions. I can also explain any cold like or flu like symptoms to her and she can reccommend over the counter stuff to take.
    I totally agree with you and I am so glad that you have found some pharmacists that you love. You truly inspire me every single day! xo