Notes from the Porch {Eight}: Rebecca's Run

October 22, 2013

It's almost impossible to write about Rebecca's Run without getting emotionally choked up. The outpouring of love from my sister who thought of the idea, to bloggers who are dear friends like Caroline from In Due Time that ran the race too, to random strangers writing me emails of encouragement, and countless people donating money truly touched my heart and encouraged me deeply. Often times the journey of a serious illness is fraught with loneliness and there are times where I experience this, but Rebecca's Run was a screaming reminder that the Lord has placed amazing people in my life. 

Originally the plan was for Emily to run her 1/2 marathon in Fort Jackson, Alabama but the Monday before we were supposed to leave for the marathon I became seriously ill. Several days (and several IV's later) it was determined that I had contracted a serious infection. Thankfully my little body responded very quickly to antibiotics and IV's but my doctors determined that it was not wise for me to travel to Alabama so Emily decided that she would run right here in our hometown. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I believe the pictures speak volumes themselves so I will let you enjoy them. THANK YOU so much to ALL of you that continue to walk this long long journey with me and my precious family. Thank you so much to Emily who selflessly ran this long distance in support of me and thank you to all of you who are such a lovely example of God's unconditional and unchanging love. 

Honestly in these next few pictures I am not sure what I am so enthralled with! Hahaha!
This next picture just makes me laugh! 
She was ready to go and she was feeling the music! 
And she's off!
We drove to each two-mile interval mark. While we waited for Emily my mom demonstrated the "correct way of running"! Hahaha!
Waiting for Emily! She was so fast we would get our chairs set up and she would be there! 
She is almost finished! Here she comes at Mile 11!
Two more miles to go!
Coming towards the finish line!
Absolutely Amazing!
She did it! Crossing the finish line!
13.1 Miles!
I love you Hoopster!! Thank you for hosting Rebecca's Run!


  1. So awesome!!! Love these pictures lady! and you are so beautiful!

  2. WOW!! You and I have the blessing of having an amazing sister! Hugs to your sis, because if all the sis of the world were like her and mine, a lot of people would be happy! Hope you are feeling well! Hugs!

  3. Your sister is a stud!! You have an amazing family - love seeing all the pictures too!! I was running with you in spirit (not a half though, haha let's not get too crazy) ;)

  4. That is so sweet! :) I'm so glad she was able to complete it as well for you! YAY! Continuing to pray for you lady!

  5. This is so awesome! Praise the Lord for sweet, beautiful people. Ps- You are looking gorgeous! Praying for you daily!