Want to Help Rescue Sex Slaves? You CAN.

July 1, 2013

A couple of months ago I heard about an organization called The Exodus Road. I was thrilled to discover the amazing work that they are doing to help rescue out sex slaves across the world. I was also thrilled to become a member of their blogging team to help bring awareness to the real life issues that are going on in the world, amazing stories of rescue and redemption, and ways that you (my amazing readers) can make a difference. 

As many of you know I spent time working in DC as a Match Grant Program Coordinator with asylees, refugees, and sex-trafficking victims in their first 180 days in the United States. The time that I spent doing that was life-changing and truly opened my eyes to the horrors that exist within our world. Due to my health I am not able to participate in ways that I would like right now. And due to many reasons there are so many people  that I know wish to see this horrific practice ended but do not know how to help or do not have the ability to help right now (like me). 


This past week The Exodus Road launched the Search and Rescue ProgramThis program enables you to personally fuel and empower literal rescue. You are invited to join a real-life covert investigative team through our new partnership, Search and Rescue.
From our experience, it takes about $35 a night for one of our investigators to engage in local surveillance. Since we already have teams on the ground and since most of our teams are volunteers, we are able to fund investigations with a fairly lean financial model.

If you’d like to join a team, you will be “hiring” one of our investigators to go literally look for children and victims on your behalf in some of the darkest corners of the globe. Investigators will then take that until to local police partners and will develop cases and raids from that initial intelligence.
The search fuels the rescue. And by investing in our teams, you will be putting boots on the ground, sending eyes to look for the enslaved.
Currently, we have four designated teams that we’d like to empower. Each team has a code name (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta) and a brief description of their area of focus. You can find the team names and descriptions here. When you choose a team to sponsor for $35/monthly, you’ll have access to their field intelligence (though, as always, for safety, some details may be changed). You’ll get live updates about the ways your team performs investigations, raids, and rescue. We’ll also send newsletters, incentives and even ways for you to connect and support your field team on a more personal level.

Want to become a part of the Search and Rescue Team? This is your chance to join arms with the guys who are actually kicking down the doors. 

Hire an Investigator.  

Recover a Slave.

What are you waiting for? Want to join with us? Click HERE to read more!


  1. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing your heart and sparking action!

  2. WOW!! I am going to definitely check into this!! Thank you for sharing Rebecca!!

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  4. Thanks so much for y'alls comments on this subject that is so dear to my heart! Please feel free to pass the word! Thanks again!
    :) Rebecca