Announcement: Made to Crave Book Club

July 3, 2013

So... I admit. When I first was approached by Stephanie from The New Mrs.Adventures about joining her in a summer Bible Study/Book Study my heart jumped. With being so sick this past year I have missed the opportunity to connect with other women over a book of the Bible or a Book Study that can help deepen my faith in the Lord. Being sick has provided countless hours with my precious Lord alone, but has left me somewhat dry of community. So when Stephanie proposed this idea to me I literally got tears. It was an answer to prayer!

After suggesting several ideas,  Stephanie mentioned the book "Crave" by Lysa TerKeurst. I was intrigued as I had not read this book before. As I investigated the book more closely and the website (Click Here ) I knew immediately that this would be a wonderful study to participate in. There are so many women that struggle with these types of issues and whether you "crave" food or something else I am confident that we all can relate to what this book speaks about. I truly believe that there is something for everyone to learn (myself included) through this book. We as women have so many dreams and longings that we want to see fulfilled and many times we turn to food to satisfy those desires. Or we turn away from food to satisfy those desires. And maybe, as I said, maybe it is not food that you turn to. Maybe it is something else. Either way I am confident that we can grow, encourage, laugh, cry, and support one another on our journey's (or Caravan's *smiles*). 
I want to invite y'all to join with me, The New Mrs.Adventures, and Serving Joyfully as we embark on this adventure each Monday over the next few weeks. Every Monday the three of us will be sharing what the  Lord is doing in our lives through this book and we truly would be honored to have you join with us. If you are able I would encourage you to purchase a copy of the book. I and these other two ladies are excited to see what the Lord is going to do through this study and this summer. We have been praying for each other , ourselves ,and everyone that will participate that this will be an encouraging and challenging adventure. I also am praying that the Lord will use this to show more of Himself so that we can fall deeper in love with Him and "crave" Him more! 
I hope you’ll join us, starting next Monday where we will be discussing 2 chapters each week (starting with the introduction).  If you’re a blogger and are going to blog about the study please let us know so that we can read what God is teaching you through this book! 
P.S.- I know for me (and many others that money is really tight right now so buying this book might seem like an impossibility. I truly do understand. Truly. But please don't let that stop you from participating!  On the website that I mentioned above there is a twenty-one day challenge that you can sign up for.  This twenty-one day challenge is completely free and you will receive a daily devotional that follows similar principles that the book chapters discuss! 
Hope to have you join us! 

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