July North East Photography Challenge

July 29, 2013

I am excited to be apart of the North East Bloggers Network Photography Challenge today! Y'all know that I love photography and am excited to share my photo today for this challenge! The theme for this month was "blue" and I chose five different types of "blue" that I see during the summer.

(1) There is the rainy sky "blue" that we have witnessed so much of this summer.

(2) There is the "blue" that beautifully glimmers with sun drops as it gently crashes on the rocks on the shore.

(3) There is the "blue" of the sky and the lake meeting on sweet summer days.

(4) There is the lovely blue that highlights the dark green pine trees.

(5) And there is the midnight "blue" that closes out the lovely long summer days.

What about for y'all? Where do you see blue in your days?


  1. Beautiful moon shot!! I tried to get a shot of the moonlight when I was at the beach last week and failed miserably!

  2. Beautiful photographs! Love these nature shots! That one of the moon is awesome!

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Those are awesome pictures.I am your newest follower.Thanks for sharing those photos.Im beginning to miss my own hometown.

  4. So prettty!! I really love photo #2 especially!!