tips for controlling your blood pressure

September 26, 2023

 Do you feel as though your blood pressure is a bit out of control? If so then now is the time for you to do something about that. Blood pressure can be high for several reasons, whether it is to do with you not being able to reduce stress, or simply having a bad diet. If you want to do something about your high blood pressure then one thing you can do is follow the tips below.

Lose Weight

Blood pressure will increase as your weight does. If you are overweight then this can lead to you experiencing disrupted breathing when you sleep, which will raise your blood pressure even more. Losing weight is one of the most effective changes you can make if you want to lower your blood pressure. Losing even just a small amount of weight is great if you want to make a difference here. If you carry too much weight around your waistline then this can also increase your chances of experiencing high blood pressure, so be mindful of that.

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Workout Regularly

Another thing you need to do is work out regularly. Regular exercise is great if you feel the need to alleviate high blood pressure. Walking, jogging and even cycling are all options here. Strength training can also reduce your blood pressure. If possible, you need to aim to strength-train at least two days a week. Have a chat with your healthcare provider if you need help working on your exercise program.

Eat a Good Diet

Eating a diet that is rich in whole grain, low-fat dairy products or vegetables will work wonders for your health. It can also lower your blood pressure by up to 11mm hg. Examples of good eating plans that can help your cholesterol include the DASH diet. Don’t be afraid to check out the Mediterranean diet either, if you want another option there. You can also get supplements from, as a lot of them are great for supporting your overall health. 

Reduce Salt

Even just a small amount of sodium in your diet can work wonders for your heart health. It can also greatly reduce your blood pressure. If you want to make a change here then one thing you need to do is avoid fast food or food that has a  lot of added salt to them. Ready meals are a prime example here. If you can, try and avoid adding salt to your existing food products as well. If you can do this then you will notice a major dip in your blood pressure and this is great if you feel as though it is something that you struggle with. If you want some help with your blood pressure then make sure that you have a chat with your doctor too, as they can advise you on what steps you can take to try and get yours to a much more manageable level. 

Of course, lowering your blood pressure might not be easy, but it is essential to your health. Why not see if you can make a difference today? It could change your life. 

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