How To Stage Your Home For Sale

December 13, 2022

 One of the best ways to ensure a fast offer and a high selling price for your home is to stage it before you put it on the market. Staging a home can increase the number of interested buyers by three times and often results in a higher offer price. With that in mind, here are some of the things you can do to stage your home for sale. 

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 Tidy the Front Yard

You'll want to make sure your home has great curb appeal if you want to sell it. When potential purchasers visit, a positive first impression is crucial. The driveway and parking area should be swept, garbage cans should be hidden, and weeds should be removed. To make your home's entry stand out, you could also paint the front door and install a sleek new house number.

 Clean The House

Potential buyers will see that you cared for the property by how clean it is. Every surface, from the floor to the ceiling and everywhere in between, should be spotless after a thorough cleaning.

If you can't afford to buy brand-new appliances, at least make sure the ones you have in the kitchen are pristine. Similarly, you should ensure that every inch of your bathroom is spotless, from the tiniest crevices to the farthest reaches of the drains and even the space you assume no one would ever see behind the toilet. Your goal should be to make everything look new, and it might be that hiring a professional house cleaning company is the ideal option to achieve this. 


If you want to try home staging, the first task is to clear out the clutter. Buyers' attention is diverted away from the rooms and onto your personal stuff if it is scattered everywhere. And, even if the rooms themselves aren't small, they will appear cramped and disorganized if they're full of things.  

In order for prospective buyers to picture themselves living in the house, it is essential that they get the impression that you no longer inhabit the space. Make an effort to clear up as much horizontal space as possible, including bookcases, coffee tables, and the kitchen counter.

 Give Each Room A Clear Purpose 

Whether it's converting a spare bedroom into a study or repurposing a sunroom into a laundry room, we all find creative ways to put a room to more than one use. Professional home stagers, however, advocate returning rooms to their original use. Make sure potential purchasers will find the number of bedrooms advertised, and if you have an open floor plan, divide the room into zones and show how each one is used.

Invest In Storage

Look around to identify what areas could benefit from additional storage in order to achieve that pristine, minimalist aesthetic. It's recommended that you don't overburden your storage space by trying to cram everything in. The goal of home staging is to give potential buyers the impression that they can comfortably store all of their stuff in the house, so make sure that's how it looks.

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