4 Tips for Traveling with a Disability

June 19, 2022

 The summer is here and that means that you are going to be picking your family vacation. Traveling is a wonderful way to see new places and create new memories, but there is no reason that somebody with physical limitations have to stay at home or forgo a trip they have been looking forward to.

Traveling isn’t necessarily easy with a disability, as you have to bring with you medical supplies, doctors notes, specific equipment, wheelchairs, scooters – you name it they could be a need for it. If you or your child or another family member has a disability, traveling comes with some unique challenges that you need to address before you can start. There are some of the best tips that you need for traveling with a disability.

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  • Plan everything in advance. By planning your trip ahead of time, you can ensure that you reduce the chance of surprises that could derail your plans. Not only do you need a good itinerary that includes your hotel, your accommodation, and any excursions, you also need to make sure that you bring your medications and that you ensure that you have spoken to the airline and the hotel so that they can meet your needs. For example, most of the time, wheelchair users are loaded onto the plane first, and at hotels get ground floor rooms. If you plan in advance you can ensure that you get what you need for your disability.

  • Try to stick to home routines. When you travel, a lot of the movement, activities and sightseeing will take you out of the hotel. However when you plan your trip in a wheelchair, you have to consider the stamina but you have to be able to continue on day to day. This is the idea of planning in advance, so if you have more energy in the morning, do more things at that time rather than wait until the afternoon where you will be depleted and it will feel more like a waste of money for a decent trip.

  • Get familiar with equal access rights. Make sure that wherever you book, ask about specific accommodations at each place so that you can spend your time there wisely. When you are in a wheelchair or you have another physical disability, you need to ensure that you are treated equally no matter where you go.

  • Stay positive. There are always ways to adapt and change your trip if there are any unexpected interruptions. Make sure that you have proper travel insurance, and while you may understand that things may not go your way 100% of the time, always have a contingency plan for everything. Lastly, make sure that you ask for help if you need it, because nobody is going to begrudge being able to help you if it’s going to make your holiday feel wonderful. You deserve to enjoy your wonderful vacation this summer – don’t let your limitations hold you back.

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