What To Wear While At The Gym: 7 Tips

September 1, 2020

Want to get the best out of your gym workouts? Wearing the right clothing can help to make exercise
safer, more comfortable, and more productive. Here are just 7 tips for choosing gymwear.
Invest in the right footwear
Whether you’re running or lifting or jumping, you’re likely to be putting strain on your feet.
This strain could lead everything from rashes and blisters to painful fractures and impact injuries.
By wearing a decent pair of workout sneakers, you can protect your feet and prevent these common
injuries and ailments. Shop online to find discounts on these sneakers.
Find a sports bra that fits
Sports bras are necessary for offering support and preventing breast tissue damage when doing
exercises like running and jumping. However, it’s important that you get a sports bra that fits
snugly - otherwise you could cause yourself further pain and injury. This guide to sports bras could
be worth a read if you’re struggling to find a bra that’s comfortable. Sports bras can fit very differently
to normal bras, so don’t be alarmed if you have to go up or down a size to get the right fit.
Opt for breathable fabrics
Regular casual clothing is often made of materials like cotton and polyester, which aren’t very
breathable. When you opt for specialist sports clothing, the fabric is much more likely to offer
ventilation and insulation. This can stop you getting too hot or too cold while working out, while
also catching sweat to prevent odour and chafing. Breathable materials include nylon, spandex,
merino wool and bamboo.
Wear styles that make you confident
It’s important that you wear a style of clothing that makes you feel confident. If you don’t feel
confident in your workout clothes, you’re less likely to be motivated to exercise properly. Some
people are likely to prefer colourful clothing that shows off their physique such as these
rainbow leggings. Others may prefer the slimming properties and lack of showiness that plain
black leggings can bring.
Bring a hair band/hair clip
Some of us love to keep our hair down. However, you could find that it gets in the way and
becomes messy during a workout. Using a hair band or hair clip to keep your hair up is more
practical when doing any kind of exercise.
Try some smart gadgets
There are all kinds of wearable tech on the market nowadays for helping to monitor your workout
performance. Some of these gadgets could be worth investing in. Smart watches are the most
popular choice – they could be perfect for recording your heart rate and steps.
Keep your clothing clean
You don’t want to be turning up to the gym in unwashed clothing. Not only is it likely to smell and
look grubby, but the bacteria growing on it could be bad for your skin. Get into a habit of washing
your kit after every workout – including your gym bag. You’ll feel much more motivated in fresh gym
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