Easy ways to Incorporate Your Travels into Your Home Décor

September 29, 2020

 If you love to travel, you might spend your time at home longing for, or even planning your next big adventure. Your time at home might be the time between travels, instead of a time to be cherished. You might also be keen to show off your adventures, to create talking points for when people visit, and to fill your home with reminders of some of the things that you’ve enjoyed from around the world. 

Incorporating your travels in your homes décor can be a great way to show off your personality, create a unique space, and remember the good times. Here’s a look at some of the best, and easiest, ways to incorporate your travels into your décor. 

Create a Gallery Wall

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Most people take photos of their food, their friends, and everything that they do throughout the day. Most of their photos aren’t worth showing off. But yours might be. The images that you’ve taken during your travels deserve to be shown off, and they’ll make a great addition to your home. 

Create a gallery wall to show lots of your pictures, hanging them, framing your favourites and even getting large prints to make an impression. 

Hang Art from Around the World

Photos aren’t the only things that you can hang to remind yourself of your trips. Buy artwork from around the world, either to show off culture and style, or representations of places that you have been. 

Find Furniture to Match Your Theme

Plain boring furniture like everyone else has might not fit your travel theme. Instead, use Bedroom Furniture Discounts to find pieces that complement your décor. Vintage pieces can look great, light items work well with beachy themes, and more colourful furniture can be a great way to have some fun. 

Use Light Colours

Chances are, many of the items that you bring home from around the world are colourful and bold. Different cultures like to show off with bold prints, clashing colours and plenty of vibrant designs. 

At home, this can seem too much. Keep your walls light, and let your photos and accessories do the talking. 

Buy Accessories Everywhere You go

Get into the habit of buying something for your home, whether it’s artwork, shelves off the beach, soft furnishings or homeware. You don’t have to display them all, all of the time, but it means that your house will always be filled with memories. 

Include Maps

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Maps scream travel. They look great. They’ll help you to plan trips for the future and remind you of where you have been—frame classic vintage maps, as well as more modern pieces for contrast. 

Creative Accessories

Get creative and start making your own accessories with things that you have collected from around the world. 

How You choose to add your travels to your home is up to you. You might want a travel themed room, or smaller touches to create a theme throughout the house. It’s often a good idea to start small and add more every time you get back from a new adventure. 

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