8 Must Pack Fashion Items for a Caribbean Cruise

May 19, 2017

One of the most fun things about cruising is the opportunity to wear fun and unique pieces of clothing and jewelry that you may not wear in normal day-to-day life. Listed below are 8 of these must pack fashion items for a Caribbean Cruise:

Maxi Dresses are a great thing to have in the suitcase for your Caribbean Cruise. These are an easy thing to throw on to explore the ship, take in the nighttime entertainment, or to go to breakfast in the morning. Maxi Dresses are also great as they can be dressed up or down depending on your cruise. This Women's Fraiche By J Deep V-Neck Jersey Maxi Dress above comes in many different colors which you can find HERE.
There are tons of fun earrings that you can pick and choose from and some of the most fun ones are from Baublebar. These unique and whimsical earrings add a touch of color that is unique and fun to any outfit for a Caribbean Cruise. The Women's Baublebar Mosaic Tassel Drop Earrings shown above are just one of many different Baublebar earrings and many others that Nordstrom has. 
I also love all of the different new earrings that Chloe and Isabel just released for the summer. They are so pretty! You can find the entire section, including those above, HERE!
3. Colorful Swimsuits
Bathing suits and bikinis in fun and colorful prints are a cute addition to a Caribbean Cruise. I have always loved seeing all of the different and unique styles that there are! One of my favorite one pieces is this Trina Turk 'Algiers' High Neck One-Piece Swimsuit. If you click HERE you can see the back of it which is also really adorable. I also love this THIS off the shoulder swimsuit! Looking for a fun bikini? There were so many adorable ones and you can find cute swimsuits HERE!

If you plan to spend time simply laying out in the sun than you probably don't care what type of bathing suit you are choosing, but if you plan to participate in a shore excursion that involves a sporty activity you will want to consider carefully your bathing suit. Since you will spend so much time in swimwear on the cruise, throw in a couple of different options.

I love this Women's Billabong 'Hippie Hooray' Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit shown in the picture above
I also love these two swimsuits from Nordrstom: 

I also love these by ASOS: 
Did y'all know that Amazon sells swimsuits at a majorly discounted price? Here are a few of my favorites that I found in black for those that are looking for a more classic color look:

And don't forget to throw a cute cover-up in! It is the perfect excuse to wear some bright and fun colors on the beach!

4. Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a must for a Caribbean Cruise! If you are looking for a cheap and fun pair that are oversized THESE are a great steal at only $12!
5. Cute and Comfy Shoes and Sandals
Y'all know that I love sandals and would wear them every day of the year if I had the opportunity so the Caribbean weather is the perfect time for packing cute sandals. Don't forget to pack Sandals and shoes that are also comfy though. You will be surprised at how much walking you do on the ship and at the ports for different excursions. As a gal who loves shoes it is the perfect opportunity to pack a couple of different pairs. *smiles* (Looking for some cute sandals?  Check out my post, A Few of My Favorite Sandals by ASOS by clicking HERE!)

6. Sunscreen and Aloe Vera
The most important part of any fashion? Taking care of our skin! So sunscreen and aloe vera are definite and obvious "must pack" items for a Caribbean Cruise, and yet so many people forget to throw it into their suitcase. It is extremely easy to get sunburned in the Caribbean so don't forget to throw these in! 

One of my favorites that I use throughout the year is the Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera. It is incredible light and at only 4 oz. it is easy to throw into your suitcase without adding a ton of extra weight. I use this often on my skin, even when I don't have a burn after being out in the sun and it is extremely soothing. This small little bottle will last you for a LONG time so it has the added benefit of being small and long-lasting! One of the other things that I love about this is that it is under $10 on Amazon! You can find it HERE!

Also - you will be saving money by bringing your own sunscreen and aloe vera as Cruise ships charge a premium for these essential items. Traveling with a large group or going on a long cruise? Consider taking some travel-size options with you so that you don't have to carry around a huge bottle. And don't forget to toss in a lip balm for your lips!

Being on the ship and going into a Caribbean port gives you the unique opportunity to wear a unique romper that you may not wear anywhere else. I love the lace one like this Women's Socialite Lace Overlay Romper from Nordstrom. Above you can see it in Mustard which gives another dimension of uniqueness or it also comes in black and ivory. You can find it HERE.
Another unique romper is this beautiful Women's Socialite Walk Through Stripe Overlay Romper from Nordstrom. I love the black and white and dramatic flare of it and love the classic cut.
8. Hats
There are so many adorable different hats that can be worn during the summer months and also on a Caribbean Cruise. My favorite hats come from Joules (as seen on me in the picture above) and Nordstrom as they have lots of different options. A few of my favorite hats from Nordstrom are:

A tip that a friend gave me for laying out on the boat was to purchase an elastic fastener that works like a two-sided clothespin. Attach one end to your hat and the other to your shirt- this is a perfect way to keep your hat on your head instead of over the boat! *smiles* (Looking for other cute Joules hats? Check out my post on A Few of My Favorite things from Joules HERE)

What about y'all? Any must pack items that you recommend for a Caribbean Cruise? Looking for more cruising tips? Check out the following cruising posts: 

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