Celebrating Dreams Coming True

May 18, 2016

Do you have friends who are simply amazing? I have been beyond blessed in this department. One of my dearest friends, Katie, from Always Katie, has been a true friend for years. She has walked head on into my suffering with me, she consistently encourages my heart, faithfully prays and prays and prays (not only for me but for my future hubby & kiddos), and has lovingly and tenderly and uniquely welcomed me into her family. She has not only sent thousands of text messages and facebook messages just to help me smile on very painful days, but willingly and lovingly shares her heart and her story. She welcomes people in whole-heartedly and shares her beautiful heart. Being in Katie's presence is a beautiful reminder of what Christ-like community centered on grace looks like. She is amazing and her story of trusting Jesus with big dreams has consistently inspired me. If you don't know her beautiful and heart-wrenching story through infertility I can't encourage you enough to go and read it. You can find it HERE

Two weeks ago while I was in Arizona another one of Katie's dreams came true and she became a Huff Post Author!! Some of you may have seen me share this on other sites, but if you haven't had a chance to read her article on being your children's friend you must check it out HERE!! 

Congrats Katie- you are AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing your life and the beautiful love of Christ with so many of us, myself included every single day.

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