How to Get a Gel Manicure at Home

September 16, 2015

As I shared a couple of weeks ago, I am a girly-girl at heart. Y'all know I love being in nature, working outside, and being in the woods, but I love dressing up, wearing skirts and dresses, and having my nails done. I admit that before I got sick I used to go and get a regular manicure and pedicure, but due to financial reasons there is no way that this would be possible now. I loved getting a gel manicure because it would last for a couple of weeks and if my nails are done I just feel girly and pretty. (Anyone else understand?) 
Today I wanted to share a product that I am completely smitten with. I haven't done a smitten post in a long time (in my last one I shared my favorite hair products) and am excited to share with y'all today about this one for nails!

I nicknamed these posts "smitten" because the word smitten is defined as: smitten: {adj}: infatuated, charmed, captivated, beguiled, enamoured

This seemed like the perfect word as there are certain products that I use or have that I am just smitten withI love discovering great products on other blogs and hope that these items that I talk about from time to time on here might be a wonderful discovery for y'all, like today's post on nails. None of these posts are sponsored, I simply hope that they are helpful and informative!

For a long time I tried to pain my own nails but I felt that it was constantly chipping and peeling. Between detox baths, writing, and blogging my nails get a work out and seemed to be constantly loosing their color. I started to feel like all I was doing was putting on nail polish. I then started to hear about different "at home gel manicures". Let me tell y'all... honest truth I think I pretty much tried them all, but I still found that the color would chip within 1-2 days and my nails often looked like there were 20 coats of polish on them (and there were!). 

I was frustrated, but determined to find a solution and after a lot of research decided to try SensationNail Gel Nail Polish Kit a couple of years ago. Honestly, I was extremely skeptical because (a) it was an investment to start off with  (kits run approximately $49-$69 dollars) and (b) I had such little success with other gel kits and brands I didn't believe it could actually work. 

After a lot of research I found a coupon which took the price down quite a bit, found a coupon on the Target Cartwheel App, used my 5% off pharmacy reward coupon, and a friend (who had patiently listened to my dilemma about nails *smiles*) sent me a target gift card so I ended up paying approximately $5 to try the starter kit. I chose to purchase the french manicure starter kit because I love french nails. 

I admit that the first two times were not so pretty (bumping the light and smudging things, getting used to the step by step system, etc.) and took a bit of time (reading the directions, etc.), but I immediately was sold as I saw that my nails didn't chip within the first couple of days. In fact, I started to notice that they didn't chip in the first week and lasted TWO weeks!! I also love the "professional manicure look" that comes with using this specific product. 

This isn't a sponsored post, so all of these opinions are completely mine, but I can't recommend this product enough y'all. I receive so many compliments on my nails (and some criticisms from people who think that I am going out to get a regular manicure but also have a go fund me page! hahaha!) and I love the ease and the length of the time that they stay on. I use this regularly at home and also use this to do my nails for special occasions and for the cruise that I went on. 

Here is a simple way to use this kit and get a gel manicure at home:
The great thing about the french manicure starter kit (or any of the kit colors you choose) is that it comes with all of the items that you need for your gel manicure. The kit includes a nail file/buffing tool, cuticle tool, gel wipes, gel base and top coat, color, nail primer, and LED light. 
The first step is to simply file and buff your nails. Second you will apply the nail primer to your nails.
Third, you will apply one coat of the base/top coat to your nails.
After this you will apply your color or your french tips and then apply another coat of the base/top coat.
Between each of the above steps you will put your nails into the LED light for 60 seconds. I do recommend slightly rotating your nail throughout the time that you have them in the light. This simply allows for the sides and the entire nail to be fully "locked down". 
That is all you have to do! The entire process the first few times took me approximately 45 minutes, but now I can do it in as little as 20-25 minutes! What about y'all? Have you tried any at home gel manicures?

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  1. I have a kit and I love using it!! I'm too cheap to pay for one at the salon :)