Fun on the Lake

September 9, 2015

Several weeks ago the Lord blessed me with a couple of good hours in between the intensive treatment regime that is taking place this summer. It was a beautiful summer day and my parents and I took a short boat ride and then we invited some of my precious cousins to go skiing. My cousins, Ron, Jeanne, Shauna, Leanna, and Matt have been a tremendous blessing in my health journey that is impossible to describe in words. Their beautiful hearts have reached out across the internet, in their words and kind gestures, and support. There are so many days that are difficult ones and it is not uncommon to find them leaving notes of encouragement on my Facebook wall or in messages. A beautiful gift that they give me is that they understand my heart longs to be able to participate in all of the fun family activities each summer even though physically I just can't at this point in time. Understanding my heart, giving me the gift and freedom to heal with no strings or expectations or demands on my time is a priceless gift that brings tears to my eyes. I was so thankful to be able to spend a little time with them this summer, watching them ski, and relishing their sweet presence and lovely encouragement.
Thank you so much Ron, Jeanne, Shauna, Leanna, and Matt for your love, your support, and a fun time on the lake this summer! Can't wait to see y'all next year!!


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    1. Thanks Nina!! It was definitely a blessing!! I haven't been able to be down on the water for a couple of years and able to enjoy something like that so it was an incredible few hours!!
      :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
      Blessings, Rebecca :)