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Latest on the blog

What's Up Wednesday (May Edition)

Happy Wednesday friends! I am excited to link up with MelShaeffer, and Shay for the "What's Up Wednesday" Link up! I have so enjoyed reading these ladies posts and am excited to join in! It was so fun last month to connect with so many other ladies who are doing this! 

What We're Eating this Week... 
I totally admit that I am eating a ton of watermelon right now. After having so much issues while I fight Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease, I am so incredibly thankful to be able to have expanded my diet to include fresh greens and fruit again. And watermelon makes me feel that summer is just around the corner!!

What I'm Reminiscing About... 
Teaching. Even though I am headed into my fourth year not teaching I still miss it every single year. This time of the year in the south school is closing down, graduations are happening, and teachers are about to get a bit of a break but it is at these moments where I think about teaching even more. I loved spending my summer preparing for the coming year so it is definitely on my mind!

What I'm Loving... 
Learning in new ways this past month (as I have been bed-ridden) to delight in the beauty of the ordinary.

What We've Been Up To...
A LOT of resting and sleeping in bed. As many of you know from this update and from my instagram account this past month has been incredibly difficult. Probably the most difficult of this entire journey if I am honest. This was definitely not my plan for these past three and 1/2 weeks, but grace continues to meet me each day. 

What I'm Dreaming... 
of is is a peaceful and healing summer. 

What I'm Working on... 
final edits for my book, December Caravan, and a devotional for Lyme Disease patients. 

What I'm Excited About... 
I continue to be so honored and humbled by the amazing reception of my book, "Praying through Lyme Disease" and love hearing how it is encouraging those in Poland since it has been translated into Polish! 

What I'm Watching/Reading... 
So last month I shared how I am not a TV person, but someone had challenged me to watch NCIS: LA and not love it. As I shared last month I started out incredibly skeptical but started to love the "Densi" relationship. I now totally admit that I am still watching this and making my way through the series and do like the show. I will keep you updated on my love for it but I do admit that I was incredibly happy when they renewed it for a 7th season... hahaha!

What I'm Listening to... 
Honestly, the same songs from last month are still on repeat this month. These past few weeks they have grown even more dear to my little heart. I have talked about the one, Isaiah 40, in this post HERE, and love the music by the Wissmann Family, especially this CD HERE, and cry through Aaron Keyes song "Sovereign Over Us" almost every single day. Each one of these is such a blessing!

What I'm Wearing... 
So as some of you know this past year I became a Jacob's Scarves Ambassador and I LOVE the mission of their products and the way that they help provide education for children around the world. Jacob's Scarves has beautiful scarves and items but this past month I have been wearing this "Americana" scarf almost everyday. I love that it is so soft and gorgeous! You can find out more about Jacob's Scarves HERE.

What I'm Doing this Weekend... 
We are packing for the move up to NY for the summer and continuing to rest for me to build up strength for my upcoming treatment!

What I'm looking Forward to Next Month... 
I am so excited to be going "home" to my favorite place on earth for the summer months.

What Else is New... 
On Sunday, June 7th my mom and I are planning to fly out to California for a week so that I can begin my next round of treatment - starting an advanced round of antibiotic shots that are extremely strong. With my herx that has happened this past month I am extremely weak and still struggling to rebound from this. I would definitely appreciate prayers for complete healing, for supernatural strength, and that I would be ready to start this in these next few days. Specifically I would appreciate prayers for an end to the extreme vertigo/dizziness that continues to plague me. It makes it difficult to even sit up and this needs to be resolved asap so that I can be ready to go! I so appreciate your prayers friends!!

I would love to know your answers to these questions friends! Share your thoughts below in the comments!! *smiles* Happy Wednesday!


  1. So glad your mom is going with you to CA! I hope that your packing/moving to NY goes well too!!!!

    1. Aww thanks friend! Yes, it is so wonderful that my mama can come this time (it is actually a requirement since the beginning of treatment will be a little rough!) but am so thankful!! :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment friend and ALL of your prayers!!
      With Love, Rebecca :)

  2. Praying for you & that this summer is a summer of healing for you!!
    Thanks for linking up with us! :)


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