thank you scamper

July 2, 2024

caravan sonnet
16 years with this one who made me a fur mama and brought so much love, laughter, and light into my life went by to quickly… I miss you already buddy.

I never thought I would ever own a cat… but this one was different and really never even acted like a cat… came into my life after a serious relationship ended, moved with me on 5 cross country moves, made us laugh when we thought we could never laugh again, transformed the entire family into loving a kitten, curled up with me during deep days of pain, had adventures galore (even at a school) and spent almost a decade taking care of me when I was fighting for my health and life. Today was a most difficult day… lots of tears and lots of gratitude. An amazing family member…. We love you.

Thank you Scamper for everything.

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