the ultimate guide to choosing your perfect popilush fit

April 11, 2024

At least once in your life you bought clothes that you never even wore. It may seem strange, but this is more normal than it may seem and it happens a lot to women who haven't discovered their ideal style or don't know how to identify which clothes work well on their bodies.

Perfectly fitting clothes can make you feel more confident and good about your body. Additionally, when you make use of a built in shapewear clothing look, you can look more elegant. Not to mention that when you learn to invest in quality pieces, you are ensuring that they last longer in your closet. 

Popilush® Built-in Shapewear Ruched Sleeveless Midi Dress 

How do I know if a garment fits perfectly?

A well-structured outfit can help you look more professional, but above all it shows that you have style and good taste when choosing your clothes. A person who invests in themselves reflects on everyone around them, as it is only possible to deliver the best you have when you begin the mission yourself.

Therefore, a shapewear dress can give you many versions of yourself. When you know which style works best for you, you already have a path to follow. So, keep in mind the type of event you intend to wear the clothes you are purchasing to.

Popilush® Built-In Shapewear Slip Shine Maxi Dress

If you're going to a more formal party, invest in a maxi dress with shiny fabric. It is elegant and assertive that you are one of the most beautiful women at the celebration. If you want to have lunch with friends or perhaps close a work contract, you can invest in a dress in a neutral color and complement the look with an overlay made with good cutting and stitching.

It can be a midi dress with a round, square or even boat neck. All options are assertive, as they suit many occasions. You can achieve a similar effect through a shapewear bodysuit that defines your curves through double-layer mesh for a flat waist, free from sagging or lumps. The highly stretchy fabric promotes lasting comfort and quality.


To start your collection, choose basic pieces that you can combine with different types of accessories. Then invest in specific clothes such as a bodysuit with lace lining, a deep V neckline or one that has more structured support through the steel ring in the bust area.

The jumpsuit is an outfit that suits me, how can I wear it?

In different ways, as there are options with different designs in the Popilush catalogue. The purpose of embracing women and their different body types remains a primary goal.

Therefore, you can choose a shorts style version to go to the gym. Or perhaps a design that has pants with reduced muscular impact to carry out your training safely.

A slimming jumpsuit can be combined with pants and skirts to go to work, shape pieces like your business uniform and even be used as the main piece of your look.

Popilush® Casual Jumpsuit Wine / XS Square Neck Wide-Leg Long Sleeve Shapewear Jumpsuit 

The shapewear mesh in the belly area guarantees a slimmer appearance in just a few seconds. A version with wide legs can be interesting to add style and freshness to your routine activities. But you may also want to invest in a version with lace applied to the deep V neckline to enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea.

Full-body modeling defines your curves through the highly elastic shapewear mesh that delivers comfort and assertiveness to any look you decide to create.

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