4 Things to Keep in Mind When You Have to Move Back in With Your Parents

April 5, 2023

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It is happening much more than before. People are moving back in with parents or in-laws because they are trying to save money or need to mentally prepare for the next phase of their lives. Moving back in with parents or in-laws at any age can be stressful and constricting, so let's show you some ways to make it easier for everyone.

Have an End Date in Mind

This is not always possible, but if you can have a goal to save a certain amount of money or find a property that fits the bill, you can use this as motivation to keep pushing on. Because when we start using moving and storage providers and downsizing our lives, we can put the brakes on any form of motivation because there's a lot less to be concerned about. We have to operate with an end date in mind because this also consolidates in our minds that it is a temporary thing, so any clashes that we have are only fleeting and remind us it's not going to be forever.

Contribute Towards the Living Situation

Even though it might be a temporary solution, you still need to contribute, especially if they are doing more for you than you realize. You might be working 12-hour days so you can raise as much money as possible, but in the meantime, they might be making your food or cleaning the place. It's about making sure that you can contribute in some way, either by paying your way or helping with the cleaning where possible. Parents or in-laws don't have the same energy as you, and therefore it helps for you to contribute because if they are trying to accommodate you by making your food or cleaning your room, it is essential to show how grateful you are in ways like this.

Try and Get Out When You Can

It can feel like a conflict of sorts because if you are moving back in with your parents you could easily slot back into a childhood role, but you also need to try and make it easier on them where possible. Spending time away with friends or having a weekend away can be a great way to give them some space, but you should also not feel like you are getting in their way constantly. This is a very difficult balance to get right because this sense of stress can be overwhelming and therefore, by the time it comes to moving out, you may feel more resentful to them than before.

Remember, It Will Not Be Forever

This is always worth remembering because whether you are saving up for your new home or you need some help in the short term, there will come a time when you will have to move out, either for the sake of your sanity or theirs! You can look back and view this time as a very beneficial one because you saved more money and, no matter how stressful it may be in the short term, it is only temporary.

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