Tips for accessorizing your dinner table

October 31, 2022

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So, you’re making Salmon in the cast iron to treat your friends and family members. Now all that is left to do is accessorize your dinner table ready for the special meal. 

Accessorizing your dinner table can be done in a number of ways depending on your budget and whether you already own some items. To start with you are most likely going to be drinking something fizzy, like Champagne, prosecco, or sparkling wine. This is the perfect opportunity to get out a Champagne bucket to keep your bottles cold - they look great on a dinner table or next to the table on a stand. Next up, placemats or a tablecloth - your choice  - and then a centerpiece like a bunch of flowers. 

To help you pull off the best meal for your friends, family members, or partner, below we have put together our tips for accessories for your dinner table. 

Placemats, tablecloths, or both? 

A big part of accessorizing your table is to use a tablecloth, placemats, or both together. A tablecloth looks great, shows you have put the extra effort in for this meal and it protects the table. There are so many different types of tablecloths that you can get depending on your taste. Placemats on the other hand can be used instead of a tablecloth or alongside it. Again they come in a number of styles, shapes, and sizes helping you match them to the decor of your home. If you are ever stuck on what to choose, Instagram is a great place to look as many influencers will have taken some images of their dining table - just search the relevant hashtag.


If it’s a special occasion, a centerpiece is a great way to add style to your dining room table. Just like you would if you went out for dinner or on your wedding day, a centerpiece can add a big dynamic to how the table feels. Centerpiece ideas could be a nice bunch of flowers in a vase. Candles can go down really well - and they smell great - and so do pictures. If you’ve got a champagne bucket, this could be placed in the middle of the table to not only look good but keep a bottle cold at the same time. 


Having glasses set out on the table before your guests arrive is an easy and cheap way to add a stylish appeal to the room. If you know guests will be drinking wine, place out a red and white wine glass and also include a tumbler for water. This means guests can easily get a glass when they are thirsty - instead of searching in your kitchen - and they can choose what they would like to drink as you have already indicated wine will be served. If you are going to be offering prosecco, you could also include that glass as well. When placing the glasses on the table, this is a great time to set up their cutlery as this will also help accessorize the table. 

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