3 Important Documents to Bring on Every Cruise

October 24, 2018

Happy Wednesday friends! If y'all have been around the blog for even a little bit of time, then you know that I have written a lot about cruising on this little space! Over the years I have fallen in love with cruising and it has been so fun to share about all of the different cruises and experiences (on all different cruise lines and even a European River Cruise at the beginning of this year!) that I have been so humbled to be a part of! 

Today I wanted to share a bit of a tip for those of you who maybe newer to cruising as far as what documents you should bring along with you on your adventure! The three documents should go on every cruise (whether you are ocean or river cruising!) and I hope this information will be helpful in your planning and preparation! 
1. Passport and Drivers Licence
Make sure that you always bring your passport and drivers licence with you on your adventure! Many people have heard that you should also bring a photo copy of these items with you in case something happens. This is a great tip and I definitely recommend this! You can easily store your copies of your passport and licence in your safe in your stateroom so that you can have them in case of an emergency! 
2. Written Copy of Emergency Contact Information
While it is (obviously) important to have this information in your phone, it is best to also have a hand-written copy of these items with you in case your phone dies, is lost, or falls overboard (yes... this happened to a friend of mine). In case of emergency you will definitely want to be able to access this information and having a hand-written copy can be extremely helpful. 
3. Copy of Bank Information/Paperwork
This last item was one that I recently started doing when I travel- which is adding in a copy of important banking information. While you don't want to carry around tons of information, you will want to have the basics in case of emergency. 

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