fall bucket list for the lake champlain region // new york and vermont

September 26, 2023

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Happy first official week of fall y'all! Today I am so excited to share just a few of my favorite and fun fall activities around the Lake Champlain area that should definitely be added to your bucket list if you live in this region or are visiting for the first time! 
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Drive to See Fall Foliage
Starting in mid-September (or later depending on the summer/early fall weather) through October the gorgeous leaves burst into color creating a beautiful view for all to see. Surrounding Lake Champlain are both the Adirondack and Green Mountains so you can see so many vibrant colors on both sides of the Lake. 
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Both the Adirondack Mountains and the Green Mountains surround the beautiful Lake Champlain. If you love hiking in the New England area then this area of the United States is a hikers dream. If you are interested in hiking the Adirondacks and want to hike all of the "46 peaks" for the "46ers club" you can find out more about this HERE

Not ready to hike a "46er peak" but still want to hike in the Adirondacks? One of my favorite mountains is Rattlesnake which offers wonderful views of Long Pond, Lake Champlain, Vermont, and more. You can read about my hike on Rattlesnake Mountain several summers ago by clicking HERE

If you are interested in finding out more about hiking in the Green Mountains you can join the "Green Mountain Club" and find out more about it HERE
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Visit One of the Adorable Towns on the Shores of Lake Champlain
I have shared before about one of my favorite towns, Essex, and all of its adorable charms. Essex is just one town along the lake that offers adorable New England charm, quaint and yummy dining options with beautiful lake side views, a rich and cultural experience, and unique shopping during the fall. You can read more about all of my favorite towns along the New York side of Lake Champlain HERE
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Just like it is for summer, biking is a perfect activity for the fall months! All along Lake Champlain there are tons of different bike paths that you can choose from that will take you around the Lake, or by the Lake (like the beautiful views that the Burlington Vermont Bike Path offers), and some that even "cross the lake" using one of the ferries or bridges.
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Ride the Cloudsplitter Gondola at Whiteface Mountain
I shared about this adventure we did in the early spring and the views from the top are breathtaking. You can read more about our adventure HERE and the views with the leaves changed would be simply stunning. You can find out more about the Cloudsplitter Gondola at Whiteface Mountain HERE
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Adirondack Balloon Festival
The Adirondack Balloon Festival is a yearly festival that happens every September in Glens Falls, NY and in Queensbury, NY.  You can find out more about this event by clicking HERE. There is also a Vermont Balloon Festival which is so fun and is wonderful to check out if you are wanting to be in Vermont.
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Fall Festivals
There are many Fall festivals that are held in the towns and cities along Lake Champlain!
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Farmers Markets
There are numerous towns along Lake Champlain that hosts farmers markets each week. Each of these farmers markets offer the best of local products and offer a wonderful opportunity to support the local farms. 
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Take a Weekend Trip
There are numerous weekend trips that you can take surrounding the Lake Champlain area. You could head north into Canada or south to New York City or over to Boston... honestly for driving less than 5 hours you can step into a different world for the weekend all while witnessing the beauty of the fall colors!
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Heroic Corn Maze, Fort Ticonderoga
If y'all know me at all than you know I love corn mazes. This corn maze in Fort Ticonderoga is also known as the "heroic corn maze" in Fort Ticonderoga is a family friendly activity for people of all ages to enjoy. This six-acre corn maze is designed especially for Fort Ticonderoga providing a variety of opportunities (including historical ones) for people to find in this life size puzzle. The maze is open throughout the season through mid-October and even has days that the maze can be explored at night. Find out more information about this fun fall event by clicking HERE 

Another fun thing I discovered last year was the Moonlight Madness Corn Maze at Hathaway Farms in Vermont! I definitely can't wait to do this this year! You can find out more information HERE.
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Applefolkfest at Penfield Museum
Penfield Museum which is located in Crown Point, NY (on the lower part of Lake Champlain) hosts "Applefolkfest" each year which is an excellent fall tradition to be apart of. As the name suggests, the museum is paying homage and celebrating the staple of fall in northern, New York, the apple. You can find out more about this family friendly even by clicking HERE
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Apple Picking
I love fall. I really do. It makes me feel all cozy inside and there is something about going apple picking that makes it seem like the seasons have transitioned. There are numerous places to go apple picking in this area. (The same thing is true for going to pick out a pumpkin!)

There are so many different things to do around Lake Champlain in the Fall and these are just a few of the favorites!! What are your favorites?

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