Two of My Favorite Things to Wear to Transition My Closet from Summer to Fall Clothing

September 13, 2017

I'm so excited today y'all to link up with Shay and Erika's link up "workin' it wednesdays". Each month there is a different topic and today, we're blogging about transitional pieces for summer to fall clothing. 

I was so excited to see this topic because if we are connected on Pinterest (and if we aren't drop me a comment with your link- I would love to connect with you!) then you know that I have different boards for all different seasons and this includes fashion and style boards for different seasons and occasions. Right now my Style Love: Fall and Winter board is getting a ton of love (like the picture I found on the internet and pinned above) because I just keep seeing so many adorable fall outfits that I want to try this autumn! 

Fall in the New England area is... wonderful. *happy sigh* It's incredibly beautiful, the air is crisp, the beauty of change is all around, and everything seems a bit more lovely. I dream of apple picking, fall bonfires, hayrides, stargazing, and cute and cozy clothing. 
Fall in New England seems quitisential in every single way and one of the things I love about fall fashion is that you can use some summer pieces into the fall as layers. So today I am sharing two of my favorite things to wear to transition my closet from summer to fall. 

(1) Scarves

If you have been around this blog or know me at all I am pretty sure that you could have guessed that scarves- especially beautiful and pretty blanket scarves would make the list! *smiles* I love that scarves can easily help transition summer clothing to fall in one easy step. I wear a ton of different scarves, but in the fall I pretty much live in the blanket scarfs above (all from ASOS or Joules) and also have fallen in love with a couple of other new ones: 

This ASOS Oversized Square Scarf In White Based Plaid was something I was SO excited to find this year. I have been searching for a scarf like this for a couple of years and I love that it is the perfect blanket scarf for not only fall but will be great throughout the winter months also. Some of my favorite pins on Pinterest with this type of scarf are HERE, HERE, and HERE. This scarf from ASOS is less than $30 and can be found HERE

Another new favorite scarf from ASOS was this ASOS Oversized Square Scarf In Brown Based Check With Yellow Highlight. I love the "moody and dark" fall colors and this color combination is the perfect fall combination. I love the twist on the scarf that it includes the yellow highlight - something that is a fun addition to the scarf! This scarf is also under $30 and can be found HERE

Finally, this Oversized Square Tweed Scarf from ASOS is a cute favoroite that screams lovely to my little British loving heart. It was hard to find a tweed scarf look for the fall that I loved on Pinterest, but this one HERE is cute! I will be on the hunt for more outfit inspirations with this scarf! Like the two above, this scarf is also under $30 and can be found HERE

(2)Boots and Booties
One of my favorite things though in the fall to do is wear adorable booties and boots like this picture above. I love the way that a great pair of boots can easily change your entire look from summer to fall. I love a great pair of brown boots that can go with so many different outfits. Here are a couple of my favorites:
This adorableTory Burch Adeline Boot is available at Nordstrom and is currently on sale for 40% off. The boot also comes in black and you can find them both HERE.
These Block Heel Booties from Nordstrom are also really cute. They come in a ton of different colors and you can find them HERE. Also if you are looking for a cute peep-toe bootie, THIS ONE from TOMS is really cute and comes in a variety of different colors! 

So these are just two of the pieces that I use to help transition my summer clothing to fall clothing! On Friday I will be sharing more pieces that I like to use to transition from summer to fall and I'd love to know your thoughts!!  Comment below (or link up!) and share this with us!  

And to see the topics for the next months:
Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Had to pop over to your blog after what a sweet comment you left on mine, and I'm so glad I did! I agree - boots and scarves are so fun to wear. I got into the blanket trend thing last fall and loved it. Makes any outfit so comfy. And my collection of booties is growing at an embarrassingly-fast rate. Ha! Have a great Wednesday!

  2. The scarves look beautiful. But I must say those boots are calling to me. I've never worn boots before but I might reconsider. Thanks for sharing your fashion season feels Rebecca!