Happy Birthday Mom!

March 24, 2016

Today is this precious and amazing woman's birthday!! I honestly and truly thank the Lord for her countless times throughout EVERY SINGLE DAY. She is my best friend and the woman who inspires me to love the Lord more deeply, trust Him with my deepest desires and longings, to keep fighting, and most of all to find the joy in each day. She is a defender of truth and a humble servant serving her family every day. She prays daily not only for me but for my future hubby and kiddos. She has wiped thousands of tears gently and lovingly off of my face and knows and treasures my heart. She rejoices in my accomplishments and has walked head on into my suffering with an open and willing heart, sacrificing so much of herself. Thank you Lord so much for this amazing woman, this lovely and dear friend, and the privilege to call her my mom!

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

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