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Latest on the blog

New Additions at December Caravan (and a coupon!!)

Happy Saturday friends! I hope that you had a wonderful week and that you are having a delightful weekend! It has been such an exciting and busy time for me with my little shop!! December Caravan has been seeing such an increase in orders every single day and I am so thankful to each of you who have been supporting my shop with your orders! What a blessing you are!!
I am so excited to share with y'all new items that have been added to the shop this past week!  
One new section that I have added to the shop are the "altered planners". These custom and pre-made altered planners were inspired by the sweet love and encouragement I received after sharing about my personal altered calendar from last year
Y'all know how I love making things pretty and this is one exciting way to do that and encourage joy in our everyday lives! You can click HERE to check out this new section and keep your eyes out as there are some great deals going on in that section and new items will be added to it in the upcoming days and weeks! 
Y'all know that one of December Caravan's main staples is the buntings that the shop offers and I am so excited to share that there have been lots of adorable birthday buntings that have been added to the shop!
These adorable buntings are an affordable way to decorate for a loved ones birthday or to simply send as a little present to someone!
There are different options with the birthday buntings that range from gender specific to options that are available that would work well for anyone.
In addition to the birthday buntings there are also new buntings available for St.Patrick's Day!
There are a couple of different St. Patrick's Day buntings that are available and they are all approximately 4 feet long. 
These sweet buntings feature adorable St. Patrick's Day themed paper along with two of St. Patrick's famous quotes. They are a sweet and perfect addition of decor for this time of the year!
There has also been additions of this beautiful altered journal and a London Altered City journal plus many other items! Thank you so much for your continued support of my shop! As a small thank you please use the coupon code "thanks" to receive 10% off your purchase this weekend! 

Happy Saturday sweet friends!