Twine and December Mini Albums

December 1, 2014

Can y'all believe that we have arrived at the first day of December? I honestly can not. The days seem to be flying quickly by and I want to stop and grab each precious moment with friends and family and to show each of them how much I love them. For those of you who know me well you know that I love to make my surroundings and each thing I create "beautiful". One of the ways that I do that is through using some of my favorite products from The Twinery to create an a perfectly finished look. 
Today I wanted to show you some of the ways that I use twine with my two December Daily/Christmas mini-albums to give my projects a little extra "joy" and to hopefully give y'all some ideas of how you can use twine in a thousand different ways throughout this month!

You can see in the first picture above that by using the maraschino stripe twine I was able to give the front of the "Merry and Bright" album a "present feel". I love that the twine gives this front album an extra pop! On my other album, "Homegrown Christmas" using the honeydew stripe twine I was able to just give the cover a more complete look.  You can see that despite having ribbon, the twine is what really brings the whole look together.
And I didn't just use the twine on the front covers!! I found that by incorporating different twine on each and every page truly made these albums a one of a kind gift. In the "Homegrown album" I used the honeydew stripe twinemaraschino stripe twine, and cappuccino stripe twine.To add this simple yet dramatic look I simply hole punched a little circle at the bottom of each page and tied the twine (alternating the colors on each page).
In the "Merry and Bright Album" I used the maraschino stripe twinehoneydew stripe twinethe charcoal stripe twine, and (one of my favorites!) the gold-shimmer twine.
I am so blessed to be sharing about this project over on the Twinery's blog- I hope y'all will check it out! I hope that y'all have a wonderful Monday and Happy December first!


  1. I LOVE mine and am so excited to start using it today. :)

    1. AHHH SO thrilled you love yours!! Hope that you are loving using it in December!!!
      :) Rebecca