November 20, 2014


Date: November 20, 2014
Contact: Rebecca VanDeMark

First book on Prayer and Lyme Disease released

Praying Through Lyme Disease, by: Rebecca VanDeMark, MPA

At a recent Lyme Disease conference it was stated that “Lyme Disease is the growing epidemic and health crisis of the 21st century”. While not well known and maybe not well handled there are hundreds of thousands of Lyme Warriors that struggle each day just to live. Many of them cannot get out of bed due to extreme and debilitating fatigue and pain. Many are lying in hospital beds with doctors who don’t know what to do. Many others are struggling emotionally under the weight of loss. Many others feel completely isolated and forsaken. In the midst of all of this there is a voice and a helper that calls through the dark night and says that He will never abandon or forsaken us. But in the midst of sickness and pain it is hard to sometimes know how to pray through the scriptures of the Bible. 

“Praying Through Lyme Disease”, written by Rebecca VanDeMark, is a thirty-one topic prayer devotional for those fighting Lyme Disease and their loved ones. Spoken from a heart of compassion and understanding, Rebecca understands the Lyme Disease journey well as she saw over 273 medical practitioners before being correctly diagnosed with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease.

Rebecca states in her introduction, “The book that you hold in your hand has been written from my heart. I found out I had Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease the day after my 33rd birthday. For the previous six years prior to that day I had experienced a myriad of intricate and confusing health symptoms that never made sense to any doctor. I had spent hundreds of hours traveling across the United States talking and consulting with some of the best in the country. No answers came and I was eventually told that either (a) this was “in my head”, (b) I had a very “complex case” of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (for which I had been diagnosed for) or (c) “stress was contributing to these issues”. Finally, after seeing 273 doctors in one year, seven years of searching, hundreds of invasive and painful tests, and thousands of prayers, I was correctly and accurately diagnosed with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease. While my family and I rejoiced that there was finally an answer, I also experienced a range of emotions as I was furious with the medical community and overwhelmed with where to go from that point on.”

“Praying Through Lyme Disease” can be purchased where books are sold, including Amazon. "Praying through Lyme Disease" (ISBN: 978-0692299340) is an 82 page prayer devotional. Rebecca VanDeMark can be found at her website:, her blog:, and on social media. Rebecca is also the founder of SEEN Gathering, a chronic illness ministry, which can be found at:

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