December Caravan Sale

August 31, 2014

If you missed my instagram post, I wanted to remind you that I am having a Labor Day sale at the shop that goes through tomorrow! Just enter in the code: "LABORDAY25" and receive 25% off of EVERYTHING in the shop!!

Also, as I mentioned last week on Tuesday I will be having an "instagram sale" at decembercaravanmarketI know that I keep saying this, but it is so hard to believe that we are about to come to the end of our summertime! 

Even though we still have several weeks left in New York it takes me a long time to pack up (due to my health) and I have been slowly closing up the shop. As I have been doing this I am going through ALL of my supplies and doing some "fall cleaning". SO on September 2nd I am going to be having an "instasale" on December Caravan on Instagram. These items will vary but will include a variety of crafting supplies, vintage material, and an assortment of creative supplies. These items will be extremely cheap and affordable and ALL of the proceeds are going to go towards my medical treatment funds. If you would like to follow and get updates on this sale please click HERE! (Also please spread the word!) Thanks y'all!!

Here is the "shop information"! Thank you again for all of your support!!!

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