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Individual Sponsors

click HERE to go directly to the #10000in7days Make a Wish Page

A huge thank you to those who have helped to support the #10000in7days campaign through financial donations to this campaign and through corporate/brand sponsored gifts to help make this trip happen. Please find a list of all of those who have supported below:

Partner Sponsors (donating $100+)
Joyce K.
Sharon & Michael Warren

Friend Sponsors (donating $25+)
Hannah & Tyler H.

Individual Sponsors
Laura K.
Tammy M.
Jill B.
Paul & Beth V.

Brand/Corporate Sponsors
(please find the Brand/Corporate Sponsors page HERE)

Media Support
(please find the Media Sponsors page HERE)

PS- If you are a business and want to connect more with Caravan Sonnet about supporting this trip and helping us to reach this goal and make this trip happen, please email us at for more information! We look forward to working with you!

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