Caravan Sonnet: Three Tips for a Safe and Hassle-Free Flight


Three Tips for a Safe and Hassle-Free Flight

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As an airline passenger, it’s not uncommon to have to deal with a number of changes when it comes to airport security, baggage rules, and even the kinds of items which you can and can’t take in the cabin with you when on the flight. Although rules and regulations are subject to constant change as airlines and airports update in accordance with current security threats, a lot of the common sense based suggestions for flying safely and with minimum hassle have generally stayed the same.

Fly Non-Stop

Whether you’re a nervous flyer or simply want to make sure that your trips are danger and hassle free, here are some of the things that you can do. Along with being more comfortable and convenient, flying non-stop to your destination can also put you at a lesser risk of accidents. Since most airline accidents happen during the take-off, climb and landing phases of the flight, the less separate flights that you take, the less risk you will be at. Although sometimes flying direct is not an option, you should always choose to do so whenever possible. In most cases, there will not be too much difference in price, either.

Pay Attention In-Flight

Flight attendants are fully trained in every area of airline safety, and they are the ones who know exactly what to do in the event of an incident or accident on board. Because of this, paying attention to the flight attendants both during safety demonstrations and throughout the flight is important for your own safety and the safety of others. Questioning flight attendants should never even be considered – if you are asked to switch off your cell phone or put on your seatbelt, you should do so mmediately. Remember, flight attendants are there to look after both yourself and the other passengers and your safety is their priority. If you have been in an air crash, speak to an airplane accident lawyer such as Slack & Davis.

Stay Alert and Sober

If you are a nervous flyer, it may be tempting to buy a few of the in-flight drinks in order to help steady your nerves and help you to relax. Or, you might want to take some form of medication beforehand in order to relieve any anxiety or stress regarding flying. However, staying alert and sober when flying is crucial – although airline accidents are quite rare, being involved in an accident or incident on board when you are drunk can put you at higher risk of harm. If you are nervous about flying, speak to your doctor beforehand about safe medications or even herbal remedies which can help you to relax without compromising your alertness.

For the most part, flying is one of the safest methods of transport. These three tips will help ensure that you have a safe and hassle-free flight.
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