Caravan Sonnet: Grace Engaged


Grace Engaged

As I write this I am silently shaking my head at the way that the Lord works in our lives. If you had told me several years ago that this would be the direction that the Lord would lead I would have laughed out loud. Sometimes, I still giggle because in my wildest imagination I could never have imagined sharing about a new ministry that I have just started. But today is the day and in many ways it feels like I have been waiting for September 23rd for years instead of months. But I am getting ahead of myself... Let me back up and share a little bit about what has been happening:

As I shared several months ago, the Lord had started leading me in a new direction regarding a very specific area of my life. I felt the important need to follow the Lord's calling to move on from SEEN Gathering as He was opening a new season that had been prayed for for nearly a decade and in launching a new ministry for teen girls called, "Grace Engaged". This ministry is something that has been on my heart for over ten years, going back to when I first volunteered with high school students through coaching cheerleading and co-leading a youth group throughout my college days. As the Lord led me into teaching and eventually led me to teach a senior girls Bible class, I saw the great need for a ministry like this. Throughout the last 4 years I have been prayerfully planning, consulting with Godly leaders and mentors, and prayerfully considering how this ministry could to fruition.

I am so excited to announce that Grace Engaged launched their instagram page a couple of months ago, launched the blog in September and facebook page last week, and today has launched the website!!

The goal of Grace Engaged is to "inspire, encourage, and equip high school women to live fully engaged in God's grace". In this first year the ministry will be working on getting established, creating relationships with those that join in and those that we are ministering to, and creating relationships with local youth pastors, youth workers, Home School and Christian School workers, public school and community volunteers, and prayerfully and intentionally moving forward. In the years to come we have lots of plans but we are making sure that we will move at the direction of the Lord.

In regards to our mission this first year will be primarily focused on the areas mentioned above and will provide our community with three specific areas: a blog that will be an outpouring of our mission, a scripture memory program (relating to our mission and the chosen “word theme” for the school year) and finally later on in the 2nd half of the school year we will provide the opportunity for several online Bible studies.

Some have said this idea is crazy and will never work. But the Lord delights in impossibilities. And some said have been less then encouraging but the Lord has led and with that surrender has come a joyful peace that can't be described. And the Lord's peace and guidance and blessing has been beyond abundant. And for all those that may doubt, there are so many that have come along side me to bring this to fruition. No one involved is looking for anything except ways to inspire, encourage, and equip high school women. The desire of each lady involved in this project is a simple and prayerful hope to encourage the next generation.

We want to be women who are full of grace and are living out that grace in an engaged way in our families, communities, friendships, relationships, and school lives. 

Thank you so much to all that have been walking this journey with me and praying for this ministry. A special thanks to Carina Duffy for her time and talents of creating the Grace Engaged logo.  Thank you for your excitement about what the Lord is doing. I am so humbly grateful for your support of this ministry. Want to find out more? Click HERE!

With Lots of Love, 

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