Thursday Health Thoughts: Arbonne Products (Independent Consultant- Kori Wissmann)

May 1, 2014

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Y'all I am so excited to have the gorgeous Kori here today sharing about this amazing product that I was recently introduced to! I met Kori on the cruise in February and she was so incredibly sweet and welcoming. She is definitely as gorgeous on the inside with a big heart as she is on the outside! I felt so silly as I introduced myself to her and blabbered about how I loved her blog and was so excited to meet her. (Yes, I sounded as stalkerish as that sentence sounds. *smiles*) She just smiled kindly and sweetly saw my heart ignoring my blabber as she welcomed us into her life. What a blessing! In recent weeks I have been reading with fascination as she shares about the company Arbonne. I asked if she would share and was THRILLED when she agreed! So without any more delay here is Kori!

I would like to preface this by saying that I am in no way a health professional. All of the facts I will be sharing I have found through extensive research. While I truly believe Arbonne products are very safe and nourishing or our skin and body, and the majority of people who switch have benefited  and seen drastic  positive results from using arbonne products, I do not want to portray it as a miracle working. These facts are to help bring awareness to what harmful ingredients are in common personal care products, and show you the safe alternative option, in Arbonne.:)

Hi ya’ll. My name is Kori. I am a native Floridian, now living in Nebraska with my wonderful husband. I was blessed to meet Rebecca this past February through in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise :) I am so inspired and have been so blessed by her strength and never failing trust in the Lord through her trials, and I am so very honored to be sharing as a guest on her blog! I was introduced to Arbonne a few months ago, I would consider myself a very health conscious and natural minded person, but until I was introduced to Arbonne, and started doing my own research, I was very naive about what I was putting on my skin. I discovered that I was putting hundreds of toxins into my body on a daily basis and covering my skin in products containing ingredients that were very harmful for my body!
Arbonne is a swiss based company that carries botanically based skincare, makeup, hair products, sunscreen, baby products and nutritional supplements that are pure safe and beneficial for your body. Because of it’s European background, they adhere to standards set by the European Health Union.
The European Health Union has banned over 1300 harmful chemicals and personal care products, where as, the United states FDA has only banned 10. This statistic is what perked my interest in researching my skin care products, and ultimately won me over to “team Arbonne.” 

All Arbonne products are formulate without parabens, mineral oil, harmful chemicals, dyes, fragrances and preservatives, and animal by-products. They are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, pH correct, soy, dairy and gluten free!
If you were like me, a lot of those terms do not mean much to you. What is so different about Arbonne vs the products you used this morning? What is so bad about those ingredients Arbonne prides themselves in leaving out? What is so special about being pH Correct? I was totally clueless to  most of these questions before I started researching. I found a lot of information about the ingredients in the products I was using and WHY Arbonne formulates their products with out them I'm just going to to highlight a few:

-Mineral Oil: Mineral Oil is found in almost all common personal care products that we use on a daily basis-- makeup, body lotions and moisturizers, lip balm and hair products.  It is also the primary ingredient in baby oil. With the word “mineral” in it’s name, it could easily be mistaken for something healthy for our body! Wrong. It is derived from petroleum (the same substance in which we get gasoline), and before breaking into the cosmetic world, was predominately used as a mechanical lubricant. (eww) When applied to our skin, mineral oil actually acts like a plastic wrap, inhibiting our body from being able to breath, release toxins, and create natural moisture. From the outside, it makes our skin feel temporarily moisturized, but this is only because of it’s oily base. In reality, it is not moisturizing at all, and it actually attracts needed moisture from cells deep inside your skin, ultimately dehydrating your skin. This causes your skin to age prematurely because it is so deprived of moisture. 

-ParabensParabens are the most widely used preservative in personal care products. They are found in most personal care products, such as, mascara, shampoos, deodorant, lotions and moisturizers. Recently health studies have linked parabens to cancers, most commonly breast cancer in women and men, as well testicular cancer. These chemicals are being absorbed through our skin, and thought to be disrupting the function of our endocrine system, which throws off our hormone balance.

-Animal by-productsI will try and spare the yucky details of this as much as possible... A rendering plant is where they take the carcasses of animals, whether they died of natural causes or as road kill and boil them down until they can harvest whatever ingredients they need. US Cosmetic companies are the #1 buyer from rendering plants. Animal by-products are used in shampoos, conditioners, lotions, lipstick, liquid foundations, etc. It is found in lipstick, chap-stick, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, liquid foundations etc. It is a very commonly used ingredient! When I found this information, I automatically thought “hmm I wonder what animal I put on my face this morning?” Disturbing, right?? Arbonne products DO NOT contain any animal by-product! All of our products are certified vegan. :)

-pH CorrectAs a native Floridian, I understood the general idea of the pH system. I grew up testing the pH in my family’s pool :) But I was not familiar with the pH of skin!  The pH scale goes from 0-14. 1-7 is acidic, 7-14 is alkaline and 0 is neutral. Our skin has a slightly acidic pH. This is called the “acid mantle” and it is our body’s first defense when we come in contact with bacteria. A correct “acid mantle” helps our skin fight off bacteria! Many of the everyday skin care products actually have an alkaline pH, which breaks down that good acid, which can cause skin issues and weakens our defense of bacteria. The most fascinating part, is that this layer (acid mantle) does not develop until puberty, so children’s skin is usually more alkaline. This is one of the reasons they are more susceptible to sickness and viral infections. All of Arbonne’s skin care products are pH Correct! Which means, they support the “acid mantle” not break it down when applied to your skin. 
These are just a few of the things I focused on in my research. I could really go on and on. Doing the research and finding out the shocking things that were in my personal care products ignited a passion and desire to share Arbonne with as many people as I can. I love and believe in these products so much! I have seen and heard testimonies from those who have struggled with skin problems for years,  switch to Arbonne and seen a major turn around in the health of their skin. I personally have had amazing results switching to Arbonne. The “clear advantage acne spot treatment” has worked wonders for me! I also love the hair care, the SeaSource Hair Mask has made my hair feel healthier than ever. I’ve tried both FC5, and RE9 lines for facial care, and adore both!... if I’m being honest, I haven’t found a single thing that I haven’t loved. :)

I have recently switched over to using Arbonne make up, and like it much more than what I was using before (bare minerals). We also have a great line of nutritional supplements and weight loss aids! All our nutritional products are certified vegan, free of GMOs, artificial dyes and colors, artificial sweeteners, and are soy, dairy and gluten-free!  I love the energy fizz sticks-little packets of energy and focus that taste great!

Are you interested in sharing Arbonne with others, building a business and taking control of your time?? Would you like to know more about our Preferred Client Program, where $20 gets you 20% off all of your orders, plus special promotions and coupons for an entire year? Do you just want to know more about it and try it? I would love to share more with you. :) 

Rebecca and I have set up an online party for anyone interested in placing an order. Arbonne makes for a great Mother's day gift! For "hosting" and allowing me to share arbonne with all of you, Rebecca will qualify for free product to try herself, based on orders that are placed during her party! :) If you would be interested in becoming a preferred client to save 20%, you are able to do that and save on your order right away. Being a preferred client will not only save you 20% but, qualify you for special promotions that you can also put towards your order in the party.

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Ultimately, I hope you all have taken away new knowledge of what is in your daily skin care products. My biggest desire in my arbonne business is to share with others what they are using, and show them the alternative and a way to have beautiful healthy skin. Thank you all for reading, and an even bigger thank you to Rebecca for allowing me to share!!  

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